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New audio start

2008-10-05 00:33:29 by Mike909

I've finally got around to starting a new audio which will hopefully show quite a lot of improvement its still probly going to be not that good but hope fully longer and better. Practice makes perfect. and feedback would be appreciated.

been not busy

2008-06-26 16:30:14 by Mike909

I'm done finals and haven't been busy at all. I haven't even started trying to make a submission but I don't want to yet since i just got done finals. I will become busy in the near future as I'm gonna start applying for jobs but thats when I'll probably work on a submission. Yeah I don't work on one when i got lot's of time and when i have little time i work on one... but ya go check out my submission I'd like some feedback, suggestions and tips(I need them!).

been busy

2008-06-20 20:51:09 by Mike909

ya it took me a while to get around to make a new post first out of I didn't no what to say and not really caring that much, and then i was busy because of finals. So ya I've been busy but I only got 1 final left so hurray. My audio submission is up not very good though as it was my first and I didn't spend too much time on it but I am looking for feedback and ideas because I don't know what to make. So yeah please comment.


2008-06-03 23:33:37 by Mike909

So I just made my acount submitted my first thing check it out and im too lazy to add stuff to my profile at this moment. Go check out my submission Bit-2 and review it and give me some tips.I'm running out of things to say but the thing keeps telling me its too short so I've been going to newgrounds and watching flash and stuff for a long time now decided to make an account here it is.