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Entry #1


2008-06-03 23:33:37 by Mike909

So I just made my acount submitted my first thing check it out and im too lazy to add stuff to my profile at this moment. Go check out my submission Bit-2 and review it and give me some tips.I'm running out of things to say but the thing keeps telling me its too short so I've been going to newgrounds and watching flash and stuff for a long time now decided to make an account here it is.


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2008-06-03 23:35:19

Welcome to newgrounds; if you need help with anything, contact me.
I'll check your flash right now. :)

(Updated ) Mike909 responds:

its not a bad flash its a bad audio well maybe not that bad


2008-06-03 23:35:58

uhhhh, where's your submission?

Mike909 responds:

it said it'd take a while cause i'm new